Save May 1st, to attend Home is Within You, our 5th annual celebration of single mothers and community via Zoom.
Click on the image above to purchase your tickets today or by texting “HOME” to 510-680-2308.

Each year, urban university celebrates single mothers by handing the mic to each woman to provide her the opportunity to share her story of triumph. This honored activity is called “Sidewalk Talk,” because it literally started with four single mamas sitting on couches that we moved out onto the sidewalk in front of our store, to create a space to listen and
learn from their collective wisdom. The Sidewalk Talk panel is the heart and soul of our annual celebration and fundraiser (we also honor women leaders in the community, we’ll talk more about that on another post)

Our 2022 theme is Home is Within You. Help us support these women because for some, this is their first time they are being given a platform to share their experiences of being unhoused to those beyond their inner circle. There’s no better way to build a community than to listen, learn, and support.

Join us for a beautiful and uplifting event!

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 10.15.55 PM
Tracey with our Sidewalk Talk panelists